Barbara Cartland

Herb for Happiness & Broken Barriers

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303. A Herb for Happiness

Poor Wade. Not only does he have to cope with his immense wealth, a Social standing outranked only by Royalty and the devastating looks that have beauties falling at his feet… now he has inherited the Dukedom of Mortlyn. It is all so boring!
Worse still, his staff expect him to waste time accommodating some pretty Rector’s daughter. Why? he demands — and to his amusement and scorn he is told the villagers believe she is a ‘White Witch’ who cures them of all ills.
But, when he meets the wise, mysterious and beautiful Selma, his scepticism dissolves.
Now and forever, he is utterly spellbound.

304. Broken Barriers

The thunderclouds of World War Two are gathering, sweeping away old notions of class. But still, in 1938 there are almost insurmountable barriers to love — and not just those of social rank. In the Highlands, the lovely Skye is determined to marry her penniless childhood sweetheart Hector, but her hidebound grandfather forbids it. Meanwhile, in London’s Theatreland, Paris and Cannes, Skye’s stepfather Norman worships the voluptuous and volatile actress Carlotta — who’s blinded to her own feelings by an infatuation with money, fame and Hector too! Will Skye, Hector, Carlotta and Norman ever grasp happiness? It seems only a fatal accident has the power to seal the lovers’ fate.
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