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Eric Van Lustbader

The Testament

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Bravo Shaw always knew his father had secrets, he just didn't realise how dangerous they were…

When Bravo's father dies in mysterious circumstances, his hidden life is laid bare. Dexter Shaw belonged to a secret religious order long thought extinct. For centuries, this order has guarded a lost Testament that could end Christianity as we know it. Dexter was the Keeper of the Testament – now his son must take his place.

Bravo has to solve the clues his father left behind, locate this precious document and ward off those who want it destroyed. But his enemies are powerful, and will stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried…

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Head of Zeus
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Head of Zeus
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    How well she deceived Jenny, she mused, just as she had deceived Dexter—at least as well as she had deceived Anthony Rule. It
    b9000542659has quoted9 months ago
    outline of the Order, and of their mortal enemies, the Knights of St
    b9000542659has quotedlast year
    A tremendous percussion shook the walls and rattled the electronics on their steel shelves.

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