Javier Salazar Calle

Ndura. Son Of The Forest

Best youth novel of 2014 in Spain!
A person without special knowledge, he sees himself alone in the middle of the jungle after his plane crashes and he has to learn fast in order to survive all the challenges that come his way.
A story that teaches you what can be done when you are pushed to the limit.
Chosen as the best youth novel of 2014 by El Economista!
When an ordinary person, any of us, suddenly finds himself in a situation of life or death in the middle of the jungle, would you know how to survive?
This is the simple dilemma that is offered to the protagonist of our story, who, returning from a relaxing holiday in Namibia, a typical photographic safari, is involved in an unexpected extreme survival situation when his plane is shot down by rebels in the Ituri Forest, Republic of Congo. A place where nature is not the only enemy and where survival is not the only problem. An adventure with a classic aroma, this book is the perfect escape from reality and you truly feel the anguish and despair of the protagonist at the challenge presented to him. This book naturally blends the excitement and tensions of the personal challenge of survival, the psychological degradation of protagonists throughout history and an in-depth study of the environment; its animals, plants and people.
It also teaches us that our perception of where our limits are is usually wrong, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.
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  • Janshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💡Learnt A Lot
    🌴Beach Bag Book

    I could feel, smell, and hear the forest setting in this amazing story. This is the type of book that is hard to put down. Javier Salazar Calle does an incredible job of enticing the reader to read more without stopping until the story is finished. Every chapter is filled with adventures and enigmas of how to sustain life in a place that has enormous challenges. I was fascinated by how the main character learns to survive in the forest by carefully observing and experimenting. His perseverance was admirable. I highly recommend this book

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