Rimaletta Ray

I am Free to Be the Best of Me

Dr. Rimaletta Ray with her Educational Say!

The book “I am Free to be the Best of Me!” is presenting the self-creation process in the initial physical dimension, as presented in the Holistic Self-Actualization pyramid below, featuring consequentially the stages of Self-Awareness, Self-Monitoring, Self-Installation, and Self-Realization.

Self-growth is multi-dimensional!

Every stage, in turn, is viewed in five philosophical levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal consequentially. The blueprint for the Self-Resurrection process starts with the book “I Am Free to be the Best of Me!”, and it is crowned by the book “Beyond the Terrestrial,” featuring the universal level of self-creation. All five transformational stages, from bottom to top, are integrally, following the holistic paradigm of thought-formation: Synthesis-Analysis-Synthesis.

The book presents the initial level of self-creation in a holistic way that helps a person develop his/her new sense of identity, the identity of the one with “spiritualized intelligence,” considerably raised self-consciousness, and the uncluttered MIND+HEART connection that is supposedly being developed by a reader in the creative process of self-transformation, actualization.

“The life that is not examined is not worth living!” (Socrates)

I am here to pinpoint the way to self-change and self-growth, not as a dictator, but as an instructor who had verified this way with hundreds of her students that got self-inspired and self-transformed with this vision installed in them.

The Greatest Art is to Self-Install!
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