David Bainbridge


A zoologist explores the unique evolution of the female body in this fascinating study of social, historical, and biological influences.
Humans are the only mammals whose females have curvy bodies. In Curvology, zoologist David Bainbridge uses his scientific know-how to explore this anatomical mystery. With wide ranging data and analysis, he delves into the social and psychological consequences of our fixation with curves and fat.
Blending evolutionary biology, cultural observation, and cutting-edge psychology, Bainbridge critically synthesize the science and history of women’s body shape, from ancient homonids to the age of the selfie, offering insights into how women’s bodies became objects of fascination and raising awareness about what this scrutiny does to our brains.
Packed with controversial and compelling findings that drive us to think about the significance of our curves and what they mean for future generations, Curvology offers not just a compelling collection of facts and studies, but a fascinating take on human evolution.
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