Create a Fertile Life, Charmaine Dennis, Gina Fox, Rhiannon Hardingham
Charmaine Dennis,Gina Fox,Rhiannon Hardingham

Create a Fertile Life

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Everything you need to know to get pregnant naturally, boost your fertility, prevent miscarriage, and improve your success with IVF.
There is no doubt that trying to conceive is an incredibly emotional and stressful journey for couples to whom it does not come easily. Family-making seems like our given right and when it fails to happen as expected then it can feel remarkably unfair, especially when many couples appear to conceive effortlessly.
This book outlines practical and specific changes in food and lifestyle choices that will dramatically improve your health AND optimise your chance of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Making these changes now will positively impact the health of the eggs and the sperm and fast-track your chance of getting pregnant.
Based on current scientific evidence, it will reduce risk of pregnancy issues such as miscarriage, gestational diabetes or preeclampsia and give your child the best start in life, minimising their risk of childhood illnesses too.  It's helpful for anyone with fertility challenges including polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, or endometriosis and people considering or already down the path of IVF.
Written by a team of health professionals — naturopaths and acupuncturists — at Fertile Ground Health Group whose work focuses on the care of people struggling with fertility issues and longing to make a family. Over the last 20 years they have provided health solutions to fertility problems and have supported many women and men in their journey to create a healthy family. This book reflects the well-researched approaches they use with all patients, in collaboration with other fertility and medical health-care providers.
Praise for the book
«For 20 years the extraordinary health professionals of Fertile Ground have provided care as naturopaths and acupuncturists to my patients. The evidence-based approach to their practice has provided me with the reassurance that my patients, who almost always have high-risk pregnancies, will receive safe, considered and compassionate care. I commend this book to women planning or embarking on a pregnancy.» Professor Mark P. Umstad Director of Maternity Services, Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne
«A truly holistic and comprehensive book on maximising fertility. I especially appreciated the scientific references and the advice on environmental health, sleep and nutrition.” Dr Natasha Andreadis, Fertility Specialist, Gynaecologist, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney
«Create a Fertile Life is a wonderful companion for any couple on their fertility journey.» Lara Briden, author of Period Repair Manual
“A must-read before you see your fertility specialist — it will help you ask all the right questions!" Dr Manuela Toledo, Fertility Specialist, Gynaecologist, Melbourne IVF
“A wonderful, thoroughly researched and easy to implement guide for anyone wanting to fall pregnant." Tasha Jennings, author of The Fertility Diet and Your Fertile Pantry
“A practical, reader-friendly, comprehensive guide to fertility — highly recommended for anyone trying to conceive.”  Dr. Leila Masson M.D., Paediatrician & Lactation consultation and author of Children’s Health A to Z
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