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The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria

167 printed pages
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  • Ntate Atang Motlounghas quoted9 years ago
    To every one who accepts, as even a reasonable hypothesis, the idea that a man is something more than a carcase in a state of animation,
  • Elishas quoted3 years ago
    "An immense black cloud had suddenly burst forth from the crater of Mont Pelée and rushed with terrific velocity upon the city, destroying everything—inhabitants, houses and vegetation alike—that it found in its path. In two or three minutes it passed over, and the city was a blazing pyre of ruins.
  • Elishas quoted3 years ago
    It was raked by the burning ashes and the red-hot dust from numberless volcanoes. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it is true, heralded each of the great catastrophes which overtook Atlantis

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