30 Minutes Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes: Easy Delicious Home Cooking, Marianne S.Haynes
Marianne S.Haynes

30 Minutes Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes: Easy Delicious Home Cooking

Dinner is an inevitable part of our daily routine. For some people it is just a time to feed and keep the body maintained. However, for my family and I it’s a time to get together and enjoy delicious dishes. We share a common table, and it feels wonderful to have my children and our guests tell me that the food was great. In this eBook, I am sharing some of my favorite dishes so that you too can enjoy the flavor and taste.

Since I myself have a busy schedule, I am very aware of the importance of time. It is the reason why all the recipes listed here can be cooked within half an hour. Moreover, I have also kept all the ingredients simple so that you won’t have difficulty finding them.

Today everyone is also aware with the adage “health is wealth.” That’s why my book also contains nutritional information and health tips. I have very precisely arranged all the chapters including vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Enjoy cooking it!
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