Renee Dahlia

Her Lady's Honor

On her way home from serving in WWI, a beautiful veterinarian finds an unlikely bond with her former captain’s daughter in this lesbian historical romance.
Wales, 1919. After serving as a veterinarian in the Great War, Lady Eleanor “Nell” St. George travels to Wales to return her former captain’s beloved warhorse. She also brings with her a recurring nightmare that torments her heart and soul. Her plan is to complete her task, then return to her family. But everything changes when Nell meets the captain’s eldest daughter.
Beatrice Hughes is resigned to life as the dutiful daughter. As her mother grieves for her lost sons, Beatrice tens to the household and remaining siblings. But when a beautiful stranger shows up with her father’s horse, practicality is the last thing on her mind. Despite the differences in their social standing, Beatrice and Nell give in to their unlikely attraction, finding love where they least expect it.
But not everything in the captain’s house is as it seems. When Beatrice’s mother disappears, Nell must overcome her preconceptions to help Beatrice find her. Together they must discover what really happened that stormy night in the village . . . before everything Beatrice loves is lost—including Nell.
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