Angelo Aulisa

The Latest on Consciousness

The Latest on consciousness, self help, non fiction, is a inner guide to meditation inner being witness consciousness mirror like quality inner consciousness, and the realization of your inner being witness consciousness, but not only, it touch all aspect of life inner and outer, in the shortest number of words possible, like sutra as they use in the ancient to convey the truth through sutra, here in the latest on consciousness every thing is condensate to convey the most in the shortest number of words, so to not tire the attention of the reader, which today nobody as time for any thing, everybody is in a rush. So in the latest on consciousness every thing is convey in a sutra like way. The empty consciousness is infinite unbounded you cannot define with adjectives labels or contents, is to huge infinite, vast to enclose in a labels. My proposal a new dawn of consciousness adjective less label less content less, the awakening of the reality, just one empty consciousness no contents for the entire universe and forms living being of it, that is it welcome thank you…..Angelo Aulisa
81 printed pages


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