Outrageous Living (Nature version), Bernadette Soares
Bernadette Soares

Outrageous Living (Nature version)

Learn powerful insights and keys for success with this easy-to-read inspirational daily guide for outrageous living from one of New Zealand’s most successful women entrepreneurs, Bernadette Soares.
For 31 days enjoy and challenge yourself with:
a Personal Word
a Contemplation for the Day
an Affirmation for the Day
an Action for the Day
an Outrageous Challenge for the Day
Beauty entrepreneur, Bernadette Soares, shares the experiences of her lifetime with thoughtful insights and empowering words—with actionable activities and challenges for you to follow. This daily guide will be a blessing in your life and something that you will want to keep at your bedside to read each day to encourage you to succeed in your life’s journey.
95 printed pages
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