Victoria Scott

The Women Who Wouldn't Leave

'These two feisty and funny women stole my heart… Perfect for bookclubs.' Faith Hogan

Two women. A community under threat. Can they save their home?
In the peaceful Worcestershire village of Stonecastle, Matilda Reynolds lives a quiet, contented life with her animals for company. Then a fall lands her in hospital, and she must rely on her strange young neighbour, Connie, for help looking after her home.
Connie is coming to terms with her own trauma, and she doesn't trust easily. But just as the two women embark on an unlikely friendship, the community that brought them together comes under threat.
As they fight to save their beloved estate from a greedy developer, Connie and Matilda discover they have more in common than they thought…
'An uplifting novel about the power of community and the human spirit.' Clare Swatman

'I really rooted for Connie and Matilda. Both women are vulnerable in some way and Victoria writes so sensitively about this. A beautiful, poignant read.' Rebecca Ryan
383 printed pages
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