R.N. Sahay

Technological Applications in Sustainable Water Management

Human development and population growth exert many and diverse pressures on the quality and quantity of water resources and access to them. During the past few decades the stress on the availability of water is growing and its quality is deteriorating. The water resources sector is presently encountering a series of interlinked issues which if not dealt in totality may prove to have serious ramifications in the long run. Population explosion, unpredictable rainfall pattern, natural calamities and climate change further affect water resources. It is common knowledge that there is no life without water; the reference is not just water but safe water. Only by changing our methods of water-treatment system procurement and management can we deliver equitable access to potable water. The present book highlights the benefits of water re-use; water conservation; role of public participation and community awareness; water-resources development and capacity building for sustainable water management. This work should, therefore, be a welcome addition to all libraries interested in the history and development of water management in India. Contents: Waste-water Treatment Technologies • Water Technology • Managing of Wastewater Treatment Plants • Challenges of Wastewater Management • Waste Discharges and their Effects on Receiving Waters • The Economic Value of Improved Wastewater Irrigation • Wastewater Treatment in the 21st Century: Technology and Regulatory Issues • Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal • Water Politics: Technocratic Cooperation and Lasting Security • Ecological Sanitation.
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