Edward Sklepowich

Deadly to the Sight

Back in Venice after a long absence, Urbino Macintyre pursues a blackmailerFor two years, Urbino Macintyre has been away from his beloved city, but when he steps off the train and into a gondola in Venice, he knows he has come home. His first stop is to see his beloved friend, the Contessa da Capo-Zendrini. But the contessa is not her usual lively self. She is being blackmailed, and only Macintyre can help. He follows the blackmailer, an old woman from the island of Burano, seeking clues to her motives. When she is found murdered at a cocktail party, Macintyre slips into the expat society of the tiny, remote island, where land is expensive, life is cheap, and gossip can be a deadly weapon.
320 printed pages


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