Michael Alexander

Thieves of Elysium

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When arson is needed to steal rare Babylonian artifacts revealing the location of an antediluvian treasure deep within one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Phoenix, Los Angeles’ most courageous fire fighter, is blackmailed into doing the job. But his unique gift of standing in fire and not getting burned wasn’t the only reason he was chosen. Not only does he discover an age-old secret society of thieves dedicated to, “keeping the world safe,” but his ties to the ancient Thieves Guild are much closer than he knows. The kidnapping of his daughter forces his wife to reveal her deepest kept secret endangering both their marriage and their lives. They must now traverse the globe with the aid of less than savory black-market scoundrels and infiltrate the underground city of Elysium, the thief guild’s sacred paradise. There, Phoenix discovers his family’s true heritage, and the reason why he cheats death again and again. But the magical city is on the verge of collapse as an ancient evil seeks to reclaim the power and riches that Elysium holds. Phoenix’s only concern is saving his family but uncontrollable events in Elysium forces him to confront his hidden past where reality and mythology are often one and the same.

Thieves of Elysium is an epic journey of mythological adventures, self-discovery and timeless romance as Phoenix must come to terms with his true identity and the temptation of unimaginable power and wealth, risking it all to save those he loves.
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