Judy Meyers

Female Masturbation To Blow Your Own Mind

Do You Want To Discover Your Inner Eroticism, Maximize Your Ability To Respond Sexually And Say Goodbye To Sexual Unresponsiveness?
Do you want to have mind blowing orgasms anytime you want, with or without a partner?
This is what you will achieve when you build your sexual skills through masturbation. Masturbation provides an effective means for a woman to build her sexual foundation. It is especially useful when sexual exchange with a partner is not easily available.
Furthermore, your ability to participate in a sexual relationship with a partner is greatly enhanced when you learn to love yourself and appreciate your capacity for sexual pleasure.
Whether you have masturbated before or you just want to start, this book contains all the information that you need to stimulate your body to orgasm over and over again.
From basic techniques to a variety of advanced methods that will help you to take your act to another level, Female Masturbation To Blow Your Own Mind will enable you to discover previously unknown feelings that will shake your body from head to toe and put a big smile on your face each and every time!
If you are married or in a committed relationship, this book will introduce a new dimension of sexual pleasure to your relationship. Not only will you learn how to obtain maximum pleasure from solo sex, your new discoveries will also enable you to teach your partner how to give you more pleasure.
WARNING: This book contains material that can get you excited sexually. It is for individuals who are not averse to female masturbation and erotic sexual language.
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    rukvihhas quoted4 months ago
    Prolonged pre-orgasmic arousal usually results in a longer and more satisfying climax

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