Jessa James

How To Love A Cowboy

Pete The Killarny Estate is getting ready for the Waters Derby. I still remember little Sara Waters and how shed grabbed and kissed me in the barn on the Waters property when she was 10 years old. The last time Id seen her Id been with my ex-wife, Kelly. The only good thing out of that marriage had been my 12-year-old daughter. I haven't had a solid relationship since. When Sara shows up at the ranch to tell me that her dad isnt letting the Killarnys enter the derby, that were doing something illegal, well let's just say, I didn't take it very well. Theres no way in hell were not going, and no way in hell I can stay away from that hot, little body. Sara My fathers instructions were clear tell the Killarnys they cant race. Our families have history and I refuse to tell them over the phone, so I'll drive to the Estate to tell them in person. But Pete Killarny refuses to accept my dads decision. Who am I supposed to believe: the father whos cared for me all my life or the hot cowboy Ive loved since I was 10 years old? If fantasies involving hay lofts give you a thrill, along with the thought of a family of HOT brothers, read on
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Jessa James
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