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 Years ago, the LORD took me into the Spirit and stood me upon a rock — like a mountain view. I was over-looking a body of water similar to a paradise Island. The water was transparent so you could see the bottom and the white sand below. The body of water was like an ocean! Suddenly a voice spoke out of the water — offering unusual spiritual experiences or phenomenal supernatural encounters. My eyes were opened to see a young Christian standing on the rock. She immediately welcomed the invitation and jumped off the rock into the water without realizing that the bottom of the ocean was only sinking sand. I watched as she plunged and began to struggle to save herself but she could not make it.
The curiosity for spiritual phenomena is equivalent to self-sacrifice so, people will ignorantly sell their souls. He that is spiritual judges all things because spiritual things are spiritually discerned, estimated and appreciated. The quest for the supernatural will provoke or arouse extraordinary hunger and thirst because the opening of the spirit realms will cause the sensitivity of people to be drawn without realizing that they have trespassed beyond the human boundaries. And human intellect will not cure or remedy the consequential aftermath.
Quest for the Supernatural is written to expose the end-times Safeway to those who are searching to connect beyond this life. The revelation in this material will enlighten your spirit and cause you to see beyond personal assessment even if you are religiously inclined. Your life will never be the same as you examine every paragraph and chapter. The trumpet of deeper revelation is sounding today so, many people will not hear nor see the warnings. Let him that has ear, hear and let him that has eye, see. The spiritual Church will receive the awakening call of the trumpet, but the carnal Church system will not see, hear, perceive and understand!
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