Nathan Devine

Design a Logo – 7 Step Process

How do I design the perfect logo?

Even the best designers can fall flat when it comes to logo design. Striking the right balance between graphic design and typography can make or break your brand identity, and creating a recognisable symbol for your website and advertising is extremely important.

There are plenty of books available that cover logo design basics, but Nathan Devine's 'Design a Logo — 7 Step Process' is something different. This book is ideal for anyone wanting to create a professional logo, from the amateur to the creative professional. You don't need any experience — just follow the seven-step process and you'll learn how to create an effective logo.

'Design a Logo — 7 Step Process' is a system; a sequence of practical steps to work from the bottom up to create and refine a professional logo. It's designed for busy people who need their results as soon as possible; completing the book in one sitting is highly recommended.

You don't need to own Adobe Illustrator or similar software to complete this book — if you're not computer-savvy, you'll finish the course with a hand-drawn version of your logo that can be taken to a graphic designer, saving you lots of time and money.

'Design A Logo' speeds up the logo design process. It incorporates different ways to capture your initial thoughts and ways of researching to achieve the best result possible.

Users will learn:

• How to open your mind and tap into your creative thoughts

• To supplement creativity with research for the most up-to-date and market-friendly result

• The purpose and design rules behind the logo

• How to create their own unique and clear designs

You don't need to be a designer to benefit from this book. If you're wondering how to design a logo for your business, this is the answer!

30 printed pages


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