A Sinful Safari, Michael Kilian
Michael Kilian

A Sinful Safari

Bedford Green confronts lions, the Prince of Wales, and an ugly murder in Kenya.

It's a beautiful day in Greenwich Village, and for once, Bedford Green is selling paintings. Business is booming, and this gossip-columnist-turned-art-dealer owes it all to his invaluable assistant, Sloane – who goes and spoils the fun by announcing that she's leaving on safari. Sloane is a Midwestern girl and has never laid eyes on any animal more exotic than a housecat, but she can't resist her uncle Dixon's invitation to visit Kenya to hobnob with everyone from the department-store king of Chicago to the Prince of Wales. Green thinks it sounds dreadfully dangerous – which means he has no choice but to go with her.   The safari is cut short, however, when Sloane's aunt is found dead in the arms of a married man and  Dixon is arrested for murder. Freeing him will take every ounce of Green's charm – and may end with this out-of-place gadfly in chains.  A Sinful Safari is the 3rd book in the Bedford Green Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

266 printed pages


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