Laura Lovecraft

Private Lessons

Laura is an English teacher who earns extra money giving private lessons. She is also a smoking hot cougar who's tired of men her age and looking for a cub. But right now needs to work as much as possible to make ends meet. Laura gets an opportunity to work and play when the father of her student Max makes her an offer. Max is a virgin and Laura is paid to give him some very sexy private lessons.

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

“So what does that have to do with now?” I asked.

“Max is in the same exact spot and he needs to learn to be with a woman.” He looked away, took a deep breath then asked, “Laura would you be willing to teach him?”

I stared at him, was he serious? He was avoiding making eye contact with me which told me this probably wasn’t a joke, if it was he would be watching for my reaction, not looking everywhere else. He then sealed it when he said softly, “I’ll pay you.”

“Are you kidding?” I blurted out, “What do you think I am; a whore?”

“No, no!” He put his hands out in a calming gesture, “I’m sorry, I know how it sounds, but I don’t really mean it that way.”

“You just offered to pay me to have sex with your son.” I threw my hands up, “Who’s barely a man.”

“Eighteen is barely a man. He’s twenty and let’s face it; you didn’t mind flaunting your tits to him, now did you? I know I just asked something out of the ordinary of you, but don’t get so puffed up, you were teasing him and loving it.” He pointed, “So am I really that far off in asking?”

“Ouch.” I nodded, “Okay, you got me, but teasing and doing are different and I’m his tutor, been doing that for almost three years, I know him.”

“That’s the point.” He said quietly, “You know him, he likes you, and he’s comfortable with you. It wouldn’t be like my old man dumping me off with a stranger. Max would trust you.”

“And I’d be earning that trust.” I rolled my eyes.

“Remember, I was watching and it wasn’t just Max that looked like he was ready to lose it, the look on your face was straight out of one of those porns he watches.”

“I know sex isn’t everything. I’ve never been a player or womanizer and I don’t want him to be one either, but he lost out on a lot of fun in High school and he’s going into his second year of colleges and still a virgin!”

“Come on, you remember college, think of the fun he’s missing! These are the best years of his life and he’s pissing them away because he’s nervous.” He laughed, “Come on, help the kid out!”

“I admit I’ve thought about younger guys in general lately, but Max is different.”

“Only because you’re afraid to lose the job.” Richard smiled, “And that will not happen, trust me.”

“So say I did this. I seduce him; show him what he’s missing. Then we just go back to talking about English composition? I’ll be done as his teacher, I would have to be.”

“Only if you want to.” He said, “And what if I told you I have two people on the hook that need a tutor; I can get you more work. So if you wanted to quit here you’d be fine.”

“You really think I’d do this? What if he says something? He’s a kid, he’ll brag.”

“He won’t because you’ll tell him real men don’t kiss and tell. That’s one of his lessons; if you have sex with a girl you have a better chance of more if you don’t run your mouth.”

“You still assume I’d do it for money.”

“Laura.” He grinned, “I know people, I make money knowing people. You broke up with Jeff awhile back and that’s when you started really teasing Max. You just said you’ve been thinking about young guys.”

He grinned as I frowned, and continued, “You commented you haven’t had much of a life lately. All that adds up to you being frustrated and looking to ease that frustration. I’m offering you a chance to do that and help out Max at the same time.”

“How magnanimous of you.” I muttered.

“Oh, and there’s your current financial woes as well.” Reaching into his shirt pocket he removed a wad of hundred dollar bills and held them up to me. “One thousand dollars…” He paused and looking me in the eye added, “Per lesson.”
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