The Razor's Edge, William Somerset Maugham
William Somerset Maugham

The Razor's Edge

410 printed pages
Although Larry Darrell has returned home safely from active duty as a pilot in the Great War, his experiences have left him raw and traumatized. Seeing the world from a much different perspective than he had before the War, Larry sets out on a journey to find peace and a deeper meaning in his life, rejecting the conventionality that his friends and loved ones seem to embrace.
The Razor’s Edge quickly became a bestseller upon its publication in 1944, and was one of the first books to foreshadow the popularization of Eastern philosophy and spirituality in Western culture.
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Мария Матвеева
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Many are called but few are chosen.
Антон Юркин
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'I didn't know you drank cocktails, Elliott,' I said.
'I don't,' he answered grimly, as he sipped the one he had taken, 'but in this barbarous land of prohibition what can one do?' He sighed. 'They're beginning to serve them in some houses in Paris. Evil communications corrupt good manners.'
Aldia Assemkul
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It's a toss-up when you decide to leave the beaten track. Many are called but few are chosen.
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