Joker In the Deck: A Haley and Willi Novel, Larry M.Rosen
Larry M.Rosen

Joker In the Deck: A Haley and Willi Novel

Haley and 3-M plan to kill The Termagant, but at a movie house, a clown opens fire, kills two people, and leaves an enigmatic note—What Would J Do? Thus begins an endgame rooted in 1635, conflating the psychotic Lomi; a killing machine named Übeltäter; natural philosopher Marin Mersenne; movie icon James Cagney; and the prime numbers series. Meanwhile, The Termagant leaves a prophetic note—Your demises shall be my right hand’s gift, but how shall I do it? Asked and answered. Soon, serial killer La Bohème begins murdering women, cutting out a section of cheek, and also leaving a note—She’s so perfect now, my chef-d'oeuvre. As the clown shootings escalate, Haley and 3-M engage in a battle at Kings Dominion, then learn a massacre to be seen by millions is being planned. But as they hunt the killers, the beasts decide to target their families, stoking Willi’s long repressed savagery. After deducing The Termagant’s identity, she hides her discovery, then confronts the killer on her own.
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