Matt Weber,The Editors of Extreme How-To

The Quick & Easy Home DIY Manual

Your guide to tools, skills, quick fixes, weekend projects, and even major upgrades—packed with pro tips!
Developing your do-it-yourself skills can save you significant money, make your dream home a reality—and be just plain fun. Whether it's simple projects like a busted pipe or clogged toilet, or bigger upgrades like a new floor or a deck, you’ll find all the information you need to fix trouble spots, handle the unwelcome surprises of homeownership, and increase the value of your property. Learn about:
Tools & Skills: How to build the ultimate DIY toolbox, outfit your workspace, and gain the pro skills that make even challenging projects surprisingly fun and easy.
Quick Fixes: Quick yet durable fixes made easy. Fix a wonky toilet, ground an outlet, patch drywall, upgrade furniture frames and everything in between. 
Weekend Projects: Dozens of clever projects you thought would take you ages! Paint a room, redo a kitchen floor, spiff up cabinets, replace a toilet, patch a leaky roof.
Big Jobs: Think you need a contractor? Think again. Create built-in shelving, install new flooring, construct a fence, build a deck, and more.
With over three hundred handy tips, Matt Weber and the editors of Extreme How-To have you covered on all things home repair.
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