Tessa Vidal


Can Two Damaged Hearts Find The Love They Crave?

Amber is a survivor. Thrust into adulthood too soon she learns how to keep everyone at arm’s length to protect her heart. When her beloved bookstore closes unexpectedly she’s forced out of the cocoon she’d hidden in for years. Once freed from her self-made prison she meets the confident and wealthy woman of her dreams, who happens to be her boss. Will the walls she built around her heart harden, or will she give in to the love she desperately craves?

Simona is a self-made woman with a violent past. She’d only given her heart away once, but was driven away from her first love by circumstances out of her control. From that point on she vowed to be strong and successful but at the expense of her own desires. Two decades later she meets a younger woman who chips away at her steely reserve, but knows that falling for her personal assistant could not only destroy her, but the perfect world she’s created.

Two woman with deep scars are at a turning point in their lives. Will they finally experience the love they’ve denied themselves for so long?

Crave is a steamy lesbian office romance between an older, sophisticated woman with a past, and the sweet yet strong woman who works for her. This standalone novel contains no cheating or cliffhangers, and of course it has a happily ever after.
168 printed pages
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