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to drink coffee with a ghost

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From the bestselling & award-winning poetess, amanda lovelace, comes the finale of her illustrated duology, “things that h(a)unt.” In the first installment, to make monsters out of girls,  lovelace explored the memory of being in a toxic romantic relationship. In to drink coffee with a ghost, lovelace unravels the memory of the complicated relationship she had with her now-deceased mother.
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    Ксения Волчкевичhas quoted2 years ago
    sharing the same family tree doesn’t often make people stay. find family in the ones who make you laugh uncontrollably. find family in the ones who take your side but also talk you through your wrongdoings. find family in the ones who would hop on a plane & fly across countries the moment you needed them. find family in the ones who rejoice in you, especially when you’re unsure of yourself. find the ones who will face the fire with you.

    - they’re your real family.
    Ксения Волчкевичhas quoted2 years ago
    - because you’re never truly alone with a book.
    Ксения Волчкевичhas quoted2 years ago
    how do you keep on living after the worst imaginable thing happens to you? there is no easy answer—no steps 1, 2, & 3. i just remember waking up one day & deciding that i would try to remember that even though rainstorms are completely unavoidable, sun-showers exist, too.

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