KC McCormick Çiftçi

Loving Across Borders

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Loving Across Borders is the essential guide for navigating a new intercultural relationship. Faced with challenges ranging from immigration to different value systems, fiance visas to communication, and everything in between, if you're in an intercultural relationship you might feel alone and unequipped for handling all the obstacles in your path. Get on track create and maintain the intercultural marriage of your dreams.
“This book is the go-to guide to multicultural relationships! KC sensitively and skillfully provides a roadmap on how to navigate common challenges cross-border couples encounter. Whether you’ve recently fallen in love or have been in a committed relationship for a long time, Loving Across Borders will be a valuable resource — for you, your partner and the closest people around you!“ — Camilla Quintana, Cert. Life & Relationship Coach for Expat Women
In Loving Across Borders, find insights into navigating relational, personal, practical, and family challenges that may present themselves in your cross-cultural relationship. Learn author KC‌ McCormick Çiftçi’s framework for working your way through conflicts of all kinds from the inside out.
You’ll learn:

how to gracefully navigate any conflict through the DIVE framework
how (and why) to set boundaries both within and around your relationship
how to maintain your relationship through the stressful K1 visa process (or any other immigration nightmare)
how to talk about sensitive subjects (like sex and money) and why those conversations are a MUST

An intercultural relationship can feel isolating in the beginning — no one else in your life can understand or relate, so you find yourself opting for silence to avoid being judged or misunderstood. In this book, you’ll find a sister in KC McCormick Çiftçi, sharing her own experience both from her own relationship and as an intercultural coach and community leader. You’ll turn the last page feeling equipped, empowered, and knowing with confidence that you aren’t alone.

This book is a great resource for anyone in the process of marrying someone from another country, and it contains lessons and wisdom with applications far beyond.

«KC provides a thorough overview, as well as valuable tactics and mindset shifts, for navigating the unique challenges faced by intercultural couples (or their family members). She consistently draws attention to the single most important element of appropriate and effective cross-cultural engagement: our own self-awareness. Drawing on personal experiences, KC leads the reader through critical lessons and skills in cultivating or supporting a successful intercultural relationship. If you're in need of a friend, ally, or guide as you sail these uncharted seas, then you need to read this book.» — Lena Papadopoulos, Interculturalist and Transformation Coach

«KC does a beautiful job to share all the small nuances of intercultural relationships in Loving Across Borders. A mix of guidance and KC's story, her book captures all of the details (big and small) of loving someone who's from a different culture, learning about yourself, setting boundaries, and self-awareness. While reading I finally felt seen, heard, and understood from someone who is in a similar situation as my own. If you find yourself loving someone from a different culture or country, KC and her expertise in this area are like a warm comfort to know you're never alone in this!» — Cassandra Le, Founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio
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