Deepak Gupta

How to Enter a Writing Contest and Win

Are you an aspiring author who has been writing a short story, a novel, or a children's book? Maybe you’ve written a recipe guide, business guide, or a fitness book?
Regardless of the genre, aspiring authors are the future writers of this world. Why shouldn’t you become one of them? If you are thinking about writing, you shouldn’t wait to start writing tomorrow.
By writing every day, you are taking the consistent action necessary to bring your work to fruition and may become a published author much sooner than you think.
This book about «How to Enter A Writing Contest and Win» can help you make your journey to becoming an author more comfortable by participating in some writing contests. DARE to subject your work to careful scrutiny and expert review by entering contests. If your work is accepted, you will take the first giant step towards a successful career as an author!
This book comes with a Massive List of Writing Competitions for 2018. You can win UP TO $5000 in these Competitions.
Earnings of the book will be donated for the treatment of Cancer Patients and to help Needy People.
32 printed pages
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