David Hume

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

215 printed pages

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    Юлия Реваshared an impression3 years ago

    Надо подтянуть английский и вернуться к книге. Сложный к восприятию текст


    Eva Maria Østergaard Frederiksenhas quoted3 years ago
    When we think of a golden mountain, we only join two consistent ideas, gold, and mountain, with which we were formerly acquainted.
    sallyjoudahhas quoted4 years ago
    The most perfect character is supposed to lie between those extremes; retaining an equal ability and taste for books, company, and business; preserving in conversation that discernment and delicacy which arise from polite letters; and in business, that probity and accuracy which are the natural result of a just philosophy.
    Соня Верхотуроваhas quoted4 years ago
    fruitless efforts of human vanity, which would penetrate into subjects utterly inaccessible to the understanding, or from the craft of popular superstitions, which, being unable to defend themselves on fair ground, raise these intangling brambles to cover and protect their weakness.

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