Craig Duswalt

RockStar Success Stories

There are many different types of RockStars in the world. Of course, there’s the RockStar that we all recognize as RockStars in the music industry. But there are also many people who are very successful in their specific industry, and in my opinion, they are RockStars as well. “RockStar Success Stories” is filled with these people. A couple of them happen to be household names. Most of them are not. But they all had some form of success in their lives, and I am honored to share their stories with you.
Success does not necessarily mean more money, or a high-profile job, or a big house, or an expensive car. As you will see when you read these stories, success can be a simple change of mindset, a realization, a cure of a disease, more freedom, following a passion, a lucky break because you worked hard, triumph of the human spirit, and yes, sometimes it can mean more money.
This is the first book in the “RockStar Success Stories” series where after you read it you will begin to believe that anything is possible, and that you can be a “RockStar” as well.
196 printed pages
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