George A. Munger

A Quantum Healing Expression

A Quantum Healing Ex2pression is a book about new discoveries of how the human body, and other living organisms, received “information” from an original, intelligent, live information field expression (LIFE) which orchestrates the immune responses in material bodies. This book identifies the observable life force as a separate aspect of a living organism (one part is physical and the other is non-physical). I redefine life, death (provide quantum proof that you don't die), and make you aware of the various traps you can become entangled in; Systems of Interference, LOLO principle, Reality Replication Templates (RRTs). This book identifies new discoveries with regard to your senses (19+), identifies Photon Encoding and new aspects of sound, taste, touch, smell, etc., including sound that does not make any noise (Non-audible audio). This book is about how you become you and the processes required to augment your already innate ability to self-heal. My new discoveries add scientific rationale and logical extrapolation to quantum thought expressions. By reading this book you will inescapably make a quantum leap forward.
219 printed pages
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