Clay Boutwell,Yumi Boutwell

Hikoichi Revisited

READ real Japanese Today! By choosing short stories, the intimidation factor is greatly reduced. Not only that, but we divide the story up into tiny, easy-to-swallow segments with complete explanations to give you confidence as you read real Japanese page by page.

Perfect for upper beginner level students of Japanese.

BONUS! Get FREE Sound Files of the story read by a native Japanese voice actress, one read at normal speed and one read slowly. Listen while reading. The link to the MP3s is found on the last page.

EXTRA BONUS! Included with the MP3s, is a PDF of all the vocabulary organized by parts of speech. Feel free to print these out to study before reading.

EXTRA BONUS! Free Anki flashcard deck of all the vocabulary. If you haven't used Anki before, it is a free flashcard program with spaced repetition. This means, you'll study cards you don't know well more often than the cards you do know.

With Furigana!
All our readers have furigana in both the paperback and eBook versions. Furigana is the small hiragana over the kanji--most devices support this feature.

Have you studied for a year or two but just don’t feel like you are progressing? This book is for you too. We suggest reading the Japanese only section first (includes furigana) and then go through the line-by-line running gloss section to cement understanding and learn vocabulary.

* Furigana over the kanji for the glossary section
* Three complete Japanese short stories. Each story is presented in three unique ways.
* Two stories are about Hikoichi and the third is about a girl and a mask.
* GLOSS: Read the story with definitions below each line to understand completely. Every sentence is broken down word-for-word and with English explanation of the grammar.
* JAPANESE ONLY: The full story in Japanese only (without the running gloss) is also provided so you can practice reading without interruption.
* ENGLISH SUMMARY: Finally, we have included a simple and mostly literal English translation for you to check your understanding (Don’t cheat! Work through the Japanese first!).
* Short stories make reading full Japanese texts possible.
* Download the FREE MP3s and Anki flashcard decks to listen while you study.


You may know our first Japanese Reader Collection Volume has several Hikoichi stories. By far, those have been the most popular among students. Hikoichi is, after all, an interesting character. Smart, sassy, creative in his laziness…In short, his adventures are entertaining. Plus, not many non-Japanese are as familiar with Hikoichi as they are Momotaro or the Moon Princess. So, be one of the few to dig in, enjoy, and learn more about Hikoichi!

Finally, we invite the reader to contact us with questions or requests for future Japanese readers. You will find our personal email addresses in the book. To your Japanese!

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