Michael Allen Dymmoch

The Death of Blue Mountain Cat

In this “exciting” sequel to The Man Who Understood Cats, psychiatrist Jack Caleb and cop John Thinnes must solve the murder of a Native American artist (Library Journal).
Native American artist Blue Mountain Cat seems determined to provoke controversy with his new installation, which strikes art patron Jack Caleb as “Andy Warhol meets Jonathan Swift in Indian country.” As the artist’s former therapist, Caleb can’t help wondering what is driving this new aggressively satirical direction with pieces like Red Man’s Revenge and Native American Gothic. There’s something to offend everybody, many of whom are at the opening—including a litigious developer, an outraged Navajo woman, a black-market antiquities dealer, and the artist’s stunning blond wife, who discovers her husband stabbed to death in a gallery room with a bone knife from his own exhibit.
When Chicago homicide detective John Thinnes arrives at the museum, he drafts his friend Caleb to help him navigate the crime scene and the terra incognita of the art world. As the suspects expand to include a desperate museum director, a savage critic, a married mistress, and a shady partner, the shrink and the cop once again find themselves something of an odd couple but a very effective detective duo . . .
317 printed pages
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