Andy Lang


Only the most powerful witchdoctor can call the evil, but few can send it away.
The Tokoloshe, the un-dead, it will follow forever!
When you stare into the darkness and the chill of fear tingles up your spine, it is me that you sense.When you look into the crazed eyes of the dictator or the murderer, you look into my eyes. When you awake from the nightmare and thank your maker that it was only a bad dream,you have felt my presence. You may not know my name, but I have many.You have never seen me except in the horrors that haunt your subconscious.
But I am real and I exist inside all of you.
For I am the Tokoloshe.
The Tonga people call her Nyami Nyami, the Zambesi River Goddess. Douglas Rutherford sees her in a very different light, a last chance… bait! And it is the lure of Nyami Nyami that draws Ayana and James back into the spotlight to be reunited with South African mercenary Rolf. Action and adventure beckon as they agree to head an expedition into Zimbabwe to prove the existence of the Goddess.
But unbeknown to anyone, the expedition is followed by an ancient evil, a creature from Zulu myth and legend… a creature of nightmare, a creature determined to fulfil its masters deepest desires.
Tokoloshe: An adventure that transports you from the Townships of South Africa to the humidity of the Zambesi valley, to the heart of Mozambique. A tale of superstition,forbidden love, temptation…
and Evil.
413 printed pages
Original publication



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