Chris Wong Sick Hong

Dick Richards: Private Eye

“A fun and quirky adventure. Chris Wong Sick Hong is an author to watch!” — Patricia Briggs

Dick Richards lives and breathes a world full to bursting with technology and magic, wonder and whimsy.

Skyscrapers kiss the edge of space, the magical races are quietly mixing back into thronging humanity, and itinerant superheroes are one step ahead of the law. Dick is at home in the seamy underbelly of this world—if you wrung his coat, it would drip cynicism.

But when his latest case endangers his friends… it becomes personal.


Join Dick Richards on his next adventure! The 2nd part of the series, Dick Richards: Planeswalker is now available as an ebook.

Readers' reviews

Chris Wong Sick Hong knows his craft well and strikes a daring pose with DICK RICHARDS, PRIVATE EYE. Entertaining, informed and informing, humor and action driven, this Noir Cyberpunk adventure is sure to thrill and entertain. With tinges of Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat and Gibson’s Burning Chrome, DICK RICHARDS forges a unique alloy of fantasy, magic, and science into an engaging and entertaining story.” — Kevin Noel Olson, author of TOCSIN CODEX

«This is such a fun, quirky book. So many authors do the noir style badly, but Chris absolutely nails it. In a futuristic world that's like Blade Runner with elves, a jaded private detective gets drawn into a case that becomes increasingly dangerous…and increasingly personal.» — 5 star review on Goodreads

«I loved this book from start to finish. The world is engaging, the characters are colorful and interesting. The plot is engaging and dynamic. If you are a fan of the sci-fi genre, this is a great book to read.» — 5 star review on Amazon

«I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fresh take on the traditional detective/mystery story.» — 4 star review on Amazon
309 printed pages
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