Brian Wood

Joytime Killbox

The awkwardness of modern living takes center stage in these nine short stories by Brian Wood. Well-intentioned characters fumble through social situations: a man making small talk in line for a deadly thrill ride, a pet parrot arrested for murder, a seductive stranger on an airplane who just pulled out a handle of gin. With sparse prose and candid humor, these stories draw attention to the absurdities of our day-to-day interactions.
111 printed pages
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    sajaphysicsfondhas quoted2 years ago
    But after he finished he didn’t get dressed.
    sajaphysicsfondhas quoted2 years ago
    little guy, no more than four or five by the looks of him. His waist barely topped the urinal. When he got there he rolled his pants and underwear all the way to the floor. He pulled up his shirt and tucked it under his chin. Half-naked, he leaned back and held himself.

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