Jennie Gerhardt, Theodore Dreiser

Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt, a destitute young woman, meets Senator Brander in Columbus, Ohio. He seduces her and gives her money to tide them over…
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Jennie Gerhardt, Theodore Dreiser
Jennie Gerhardt

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The tremendous and complicated development of our material civilization, the multiplicity, and variety of our social forms, the depth, subtlety, and sophistry of our imaginative impressions, gathered, remultiplied, and disseminated by such agencies as the railroad, the express and the post-office, the telephone, the telegraph, the newspaper, and, in short, the whole machinery of social intercourse—these elements of existence combine to produce what may be termed a kaleidoscopic glitter, a dazzling and confusing phantasmagoria of life that wearies and stultifies the mental and moral nature. It induces a sort of intellectual fatigue through which we see the ranks of the victims of insomnia, melancholia, and insanity constantly recruited. Our modern brain-pan does not seem capable as yet of receiving, sorting, and storing the vast army of facts
To this caravanserai came the best of the political and social patronage of the State.

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