Tony Bennis


  • b6236675227has quoted2 months ago
    We are made to think, feel and act in a specific way to fulfill another person’s need without consideration for our emotions
  • Nita Maharanihas quoted4 months ago
    People who manipulate don’t know how to deal with defeat. When you hesitate to give feedback because the person will get defensive or blow things out of proportion or won’t take things in the right spirit, it may be a sign you are dealing with someone who can’t come to terms with
  • Nita Maharanihas quoted4 months ago
    Pay The Price Attached to Reach Their Goals
  • Nita Maharanihas quoted4 months ago
    There is zero regards or concern for your wishes, desires, choices, and emotions. You will pay with hell if you don’t pick the choice they want you to.
  • shobhabairwa16has quoted10 months ago
    ists. Also, they’ve stopped evolving. They don’t learn from earlier experiences or try to accomplish a state of congruence between inner emotions and external life.
  • shobhabairwa16has quoted10 months ago
    Low or No Conscience
    Lack of consciousness is another fundamental reason for manipulation. When a person fails to realize that he/she is responsible for their own reality, there is a greater tendency to operate without a conscience. Manipulators don’t believe a fair system exists.
  • shobhabairwa16has quoted10 months ago
    I am undeserving or unworthy of people and things!
  • shobhabairwa16has quoted10 months ago
    words, “He that has once done kindness will be more ready to do you another than he whom you yourself have obliged.” Seemingly small acts like (saying a thank you or being gracious) these go a long way in forging bonds where people truly like you and listen to you.
  • shobhabairwa16has quoted10 months ago
    Offering excuses and rationalizing
    -Feigning ignorance
    -Emotional blackmail
    -Demonstrating fake concern
    -Undermining people
    -Blaming others and using “who me?” defenses
    -False flattery
    -Giving the illusion of selflessness
    - Using foot in the door techniques
  • shobhabairwa16has quoted10 months ago
    -Playing victim
    -Inducing guilt
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