J. T Stilson

The Now & Then LONG HOME

The friendship of three buddies, Adam, Nim, and Rocky, goes bad. Two die, but all of them enter into new life with the Prince
in charge of world affairs. The mystery of their deaths in the old age looms in the background. Will anyone be held responsible? A crusty detective takes up their cause but is blocked. Adam endures the wilderness to find his family. They lead him to his new mission: to teach thousands of orphans about life and love. Nim deals with loss and an enemy from the past, and Rocky changes his identity. One of them plans insurrection. This book explores future relationships set in a global society where time doesn't seem to matter. Working within a righteous society governed by the Prince, citizens must invent technology to advance industry, economy, art, and science, while learning new traditions of the spirit world and worship. Immortals live peacefully with mortals who don't always comply.

Evil has been restrained, except in the hearts of some. Can tensions be resolved to assure peace? Only Rule in heaven knows, and He's not ready to reveal answers. It's a wild ride.

326 printed pages
Original publication
Janet Stilson


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