Marilou Flinkman

Alaskan Way

When Lori Wilson agreed to leave the Lower Forty and teach at a remote Alaskan logging camp, she did not realize that it would mean leaving behind televison, telephones, and grocery stores. Monk Island is surrouded by miles and miles of raw nature-including bears! Its people come from a variety of backgrounds but they have all adjusted well to the primitive living conditions. Lori, though, is clueless about wilderness survival and food preservation. She is not sure if she will last the summer, let alone the winter to come. But Alaskan people work together. And soon Lori has good friends who offer valuable tips and who welcome her loving way with their children. The only thing that bothers her now is her neighbor: cold, unfriendly Greg Jensen and his aloof cat, Marmalade. Lori may be able to tame the beast, but will she break the ice surrounding Gregs frigid heart? The challenge could cost both of their lives.
187 printed pages


    Cris Loshared an impression10 months ago
    🙈Lost On Me
    🔮Hidden Depths
    💡Learnt A Lot
    💞Loved Up
    🌴Beach Bag Book

    A fresh perspective of life on the Alaskan Island. This was a good read. Learnt a lot, the Alaskan way!


    Cris Lohas quoted10 months ago
    But is love excitement of a touch—or the long, comfortable companionship of years?
    Cris Lohas quoted10 months ago
    They need to know what survival in the environment meant in the past. Once they learn about the past, they will be able to understand the present and maybe help form the future.”
    Cris Lohas quoted10 months ago
    “Try reading the Book of Acts or the Epistles of St. Paul. No begets there. Only words to live by.”

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