Visits From the Drowned Girl, Steven Sherrill
Steven Sherrill

Visits From the Drowned Girl

322 printed pages
From the author of cult classic THE MINOTAUR TAKES A CIGARETTE BREAK comes a dark narrative that begs the question: at what point do we become responsible for the things that we see?

Benny Poteat observes the world from above, working hundreds of feet in the air repairing tension lines. He's seen a lot of things from this vantage point, but nothing can compare to watching a girl die. She approaches the river that snakes far below him and walks purposefully into the rushing water, never to reappear. Startled at both what he’s witnessed and his inability to prevent it, what Benny does next will forever alter the course of his life: He does nothing. He gathers up the drowned girl’s belongings and doesn’t tell a soul what he saw.

Instead, Benny visits the address on a business card he finds in the drowned girl’s bag and slowly insinuates himself into the life she once lived. But even as he immerses himself in her world, he wonders: What does it mean to watch someone die? And what can explain his strange attraction to the drowned girl?

VISITS FROM THE DROWNED GIRL is an unforgettable tale about the seductive but ultimately pernicious nature of secrecy. As Benny struggles to figure out what to do and who to tell, his burden becomes unbearable, and the secrets he keeps threaten to pull him under.
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