1 In 3 (or How I Learned to Stop Fighting and Love the Hegemony), Kulc Lawsher
Kulc Lawsher

1 In 3 (or How I Learned to Stop Fighting and Love the Hegemony)

281 printed pages
What is the greatest social problem of our time? It deeply and devastatingly affects 1 in 3 people on this planet of ours so why don’t you know about it? And why aren’t we as a society doing anything (significant or effective) to solve it? Why does this problem exist in the first place? It is in your power to stop it but, if I tell you how, will you do it?

I have spent a very long time seeing things that have caused both me and, more importantly, a great number of other people, intense pain. In this book, I attack the behaviours and the attitudes that lead to this pain. My aim is to wrench you (mercilessly if needed) out of the stupor of acceptance you are in and show you the truth of the world you inhabit. (And I am angry.)

But, if you read this book to the end, you will see that there is hope. And there is redemption. However, your world will never be the same again and, having shed the defence of ignorance, you may find that you are compelled to act.
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