Gini Graham Scott

Self-Publishing Secrets

SELF-PUBLISHING SECRETS is based on a workshop series and talks I have been conducting on self-publishing.  It covers these main topics:
– Why self-publish a book
– Using a book to build your business
– How I can help you self-publish your book
– Deciding on your overall purpose
– Determining what to write about
– Creating an outline and timeline
– Getting your information
– Writing and editing your book
– Formatting your book for publication
– Publishing your book
– Creating a print-on-demand book
– Publishing an e-book
– Creating an audiobook
– And more.
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. has published over 100 books, including over 50 with traditional publishers and over 60 published through her company Changemakers Publishing.  She has also assisted dozens of business professionals, speakers, authors, and others publish and promote their own books, as well as find publishers, agents, and film producers.
205 printed pages
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