Quiet Girl in a Noisy World, Debbie Tung
Debbie Tung

Quiet Girl in a Noisy World

This illustrated gift book of short comics illuminates author Debbie Tung's experience as an introvert in an extrovert’s world. Presented in a loose narrative style that can be read front to back or dipped into at one’s leisure, the book spans three years of Debbie's life, from the end of college to the present day. In these early years of adulthood, Debbie slowly but finally discovers there is a name for her lifelong need to be alone: she’s an introvert.
The first half of the book traces Debbie’s final year in college: socializing with peers, dating, falling in love (with an extrovert!), moving in, getting married, meeting new people, and simply trying to fit in. The second half looks at her life after graduation: finding a job, learning to live with her new husband, trying to understand social obligations when it comes to the in-laws, and navigating office life. Ultimately, Quiet Girl sends a positive, pro-introvert message: our heroine learns to embrace her introversion and finds ways to thrive in the world while fulfilling her need for quiet.
185 printed pages


Isabel Jazmín Angeles
Isabel Jazmín Angelesshared an impression8 months ago
👍Worth reading

La historia de Debbie acerca de ser introvertido en este mundo lleno de ruido muestra que todos tenemos diferentes maneras de relacionarnos y aprender cuál es la nuestra suele ser más complicado de lo que parece.

Lu_inbooklandshared an impression7 months ago
👍Worth reading

Maria Somova
Maria Somovashared an impression2 years ago
💞Loved Up


Isabel Jazmín Angeles
Isabel Jazmín Angeleshas quoted8 months ago
Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert’s Story
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