Jillian Howard

The Best Pocket Guide Ever for Family Finances

It is much easier to control your finances and plan your investments when you are single. But once a partner comes along and financial decisions are shared, planning can become more complicated, as different people often have different ideas about how to spend and invest money. Without some guidance on dual finances, a marriage or partnership can easily become a statistic – a major cause for break-ups is financial stress. Add children to the mix, and the financial pressure increases. But it is possible to achieve a financially successful life for your family despite the huge costs involved, and this book will show you how. If you want to marry or cohabit, have children (and provide them with a good education), build wealth and, finally, retire successfully, this book shows you how it can be done. It also sets out the financial implications of divorce and separation and how to overcome them, guides you through the financial jargon when a spouse or partner should die, and explains how to avoid any financial hardship that can so easily follow. This book is a comprehensive but easily accessible guide to financial planning throughout all stages of normal family life. A must-read for anyone who is married, is planning to get married or is cohabiting in a long-term relationship.
102 printed pages
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