Ultimate Training of Photography Tips, Tricks & Special Effects, Stanlay Selvin
Stanlay Selvin

Ultimate Training of Photography Tips, Tricks & Special Effects

202 printed pages
This book is for people with visual imagination. If you're a scientist or engineer looking for some fast 1-dimensional formulae that will let you pop out great photos without having to stop and think long and hard about your subject and your message, you won't understand this book. This isn't a book about rules and exposure. It's a brilliant book that finally explains everything that goes into making a serious photograph — and why rules are “…mindless things that raise you quickly to a level of acceptable mediocrity, then prevent you from progressing further.”

If you are willing to expend the mental effort required to create great photographs, this is the book that explains what matters and about what you need to be thinking to create extraordinary images.
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Yeara Rahman
Yeara Rahmanshared an impression2 years ago

Hello again, One thing I forgot, If you share more excellent tips like that can you please let me know the links of the post. All the posts are amazing...Great Post forever.

clipping path

Andit Wiwaha
Andit Wiwahahas quoted2 years ago
BULB mode is basically a manual setting for shutter speed. It means that if you hold your finger down on the shutter button for 5 seconds, the exposure will be taking place during the 5 seconds you have your finger on the button. If you hold it down for 50 seconds, the exposure will be 50 seconds.
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