Graham Turner

Tale of the Tamworth Two

The worst fear of the two Tamworth pigs becomes a reality when the pigs at the farm are sent to the slaughterhouse. Fortunately they are part of a few left behind to await the transporter's second journey and have time to devise a plan of escape. Death is cheated only by a daring break out from the slaughter house and a terrifying swim across a river, before the pigs find themselves free and on the run.

Wild animals rally to their assistance and a wily old fox organises their escape by way of the underground movement. There are breathtaking adventures involving killer dogs, the paparazzi and a dreaded hunter by the name of  Red Beard. Their search for freedom takes them on a journey to Ramsden Woods where they take refuge in a graveyard and later at Tumble Down Farm as the search intensifies and the international media become involved. The action moves to an underground water culvert and the edge of a cliff before finally culminating in a grand stand showdown with Red Beard. The finale has an imaginative and surprising twist designed to make the book compelling reading to the very last page.

A rare work of fiction since it is woven around the real life escape of two pigs who became overnight international celebrities. The result is a compelling story, which combines powerful characters, their daring exploits, humour, while in parts it is genuinely moving.

A book to appeal to young readers and adults alike.
173 printed pages
Original publication



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