Nicola Nichols

An Erotic Birthday

Sam has started the tradition of giving Jill an erotic birthday surprise every year. This year, they are flying to New York for the opening of a live erotic play. After the play, when Sam has stripped her naked and tied her to the bed, the action gets hot. With her lying there helpless, Sam introduces her to Grace and Tony, and the three of them take her hot and hard in every combination she has imagined.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Storms over Chicago delayed the flight to New York arrived late. Jill and Sam barely got checked into the hotel in time to change clothes and have a quick dinner before they had to catch a cab to get to the opening night of the play.

“You're taking me to a play in New York?” she'd asked when he told her.

«For the opening night.”


“For your birthday.»

She laughed. «But that’s six months from now.»

“So it's a good thing I acted now. The play sold out ten minutes after I got our tickets. And it must be right if it opens on your birthday.”

“What kind of play is that hot that it sells out six months before opening?”

«It's an adult-only erotic production about couples who get addicted to lovemaking in strange situations…public sex with their partners and with other people.»

Jill chuckled over the appropriateness of the choice.

“So you intend to give me another erotic birthday,” she said.

“It's my favorite family tradition,” he said.

She laughed with pleasure at how carefully he planned things. They’d been married two years now and Sam had certainly been the source of more than one erotic surprise, including his surprise birthdays. She knew that the play would be just the start of their evening.
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