Dejah Rice

Crossing The Line 3

Casanova, Harmony, and Noelle are all back one last time. Lines have been crossed and hearts and minds have been played with. In this finale, everything is coming to the light and things are going to get more chaotic than they ever have before for these girls. No secrets will be kept and no dirt will be getting swept under the rug. Casanova is ready to play and she’s coming harder than ever this time around. Always the one to be on top and never on the bottom she has a lot coming her way.
Will she be able to outsmart everyone one last time?

Or will she finally get what she deserves? Things have been pretty leveled for Harmony, but how long can she really go without getting her hands dirty?

Lastly, there’s Noelle who has been tested in more ways than one. She’s managed to keep pushing through the storms, but with the Professor fed up and ready to tell it all things can only get worse from there. Will she finally be able to toughen up and handle her problems or will the situation with Charles throw her for a loop and weaken her beyond repair?

Or will little miss Noelle finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel? Find out now as lines or crossed one last time!
132 printed pages
Original publication



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