Blair Erotica

Swinging At Anchor

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Roger has worked his way into the Caribbean on sailboats, now he's chartering for Lateenya, a smoking hot black skipper with a catamaran. She expects him to satisfy her in every way, as well as her female guests passengers. That isn't always smooth sailing. Some clients prove more challenging than others. But Roger is willing to do his best, giving them pleasure in every hole. When a couple come aboard to talk about arranging charters for swingers, he and Lateenya have to show them that they are willing to go all the way—hardand hot and bareback.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Meeting clients at the airport is just one part of my job. It is the opening gambit in our attempt to create the right atmosphere from the moment of arrival. It follows a routine that isn’t supposed to vary, even when I am meeting and having lusty thoughts about hot women. The correct protocol is that I introduce myself as Roger, the first (and only) mate on the charter yacht Fantasy. First I politely inquire (without staring at their bare legs or other body parts too obviously) how their flight was, commiserate with them over whatever bad weather, delays or surly flight attendants they endured, while I help them get their bags, load them into our battered station wagon, drive them the short distance to the marina, introduce them to the Captain, and load their stuff in the boat. Captain Lateenya takes over from that point.

Lateenya likes to avoid fuss and formality as much as possible; she likes things to run smoothly and flow easily, like the outgoing tide rushing down the beach. After all, people hire us so that they can let us take care of the logistics of life while they relax and go sailing…in that order, she reminds me, quite correctly. As an avid sailor, I know that I am prone to twisting those priorities around a bit if I’m not reminded. In the short time I’ve worked for her I’ve been amazed at how many people who charter a boat have no interest at all in sailing.

You need to know, if you haven’t figured it out, that Lateenya is the incredibly sexy, long-legged Captain, owner of the catamaran Fantasy, and sole owner of the business called Fantasy Charters. She had this business package in mind when she first brought her beautiful 44-foot catamaran, which was built to her specifications in Maine, down to the islands. After working for other people, sailing their boats, she wanted to do her own thing, live her own sailing fantasy. Don’t we all? If you know that, then the name of her boat and business are fairly self-explanatory and obvious. Putting it quite simply, Lateenya really likes fantasies. And while she enjoys acting out her own fantasies, sometimes, when all goes well, I think she likes selling them, helping people explore their own, even more. Besides, fulfilling your own fantasies doesn’t typically pay too well.

“The nice thing about selling vacations based on fantasies,” she told me, “the best quality, is that they promise everything and nothing at the same time. It is all titillation, as the marketing people would say. People develop a basic idea of doing something pleasant, like sailing in the tropics, into a larger image that appeals to them. All we do is sail them as close to that image as we can.”
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